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Quick, simple table for keycap info. Feel free to help improve this template.


  • Type: The manufacturing process and material. (E.g. ABS, Doubleshot ABS, PBT, Doubleshot PBT)
  • Legends: How and whether the text is printed onto the keycaps. For the sake of searchability, use the terms Top-printed, Side-printed and Blank. Feel free to add an elaboration afterwards if there is a need to do so.
  • Profile: Cherry/OEM/DSA/whatever; leave blank if you don't know.
  • Stem: If it fits Cherry/Gateron/Outemu/Kailh/Greetech/whatever clone switches, then it's going to be MX. Otherwise, set this value yourself.
  • Thickness: If you have them in person, self measurement is welcome. Otherwise, use the value advertised. Failing that, just leave it blank.
  • Backlight: Whether the legends are designed with backlighting in mind.
  • Bleed: Whether they keycaps bleed light.
  • Production: Whether they are still in production.


|legends=Top-printed, Side-printed, Blank
Type PBT
Legends Top-printed, Side-printed, Blank
Profile OEM
Stem type MX
Thickness Unknown
Legend backlight support No
Backlight bleed No
In production Yes
Type Unknown
Legends Unknown
Profile Unknown
Stem type Topre
Thickness Unknown
Legend backlight support Unknown
Backlight bleed Unknown
In production Unknown