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*He likes elephants, so does god
*He likes elephants, so does god
*He does not like the CIA, neither does god
*He does not like the CIA, neither does god
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Temple OS, previously Sparrow OS, is a devine operating system, developed by living legend Terry A. Davis.

TempleOS is an x86_64, multi-tasking, multi-cored, public domain, open source, ring-0-only, single-address-map (identity-mapped), non-networked, PC operating system for recreational programming. It sticks to common, 64-bit hardware instead of distinct drivers because you must shoot-the-moon. Also, redundancy and varied capabilities are unpleasant compared to everybody-has-the-same-thing.


Reading Material

Guidelines for talking to God

Quotes from God


Youtube Channel

Notable Quotes

  • Jesus said "I will rebuild this temple in three days." I could make a compiler in 3 days.
  • India nigger retard doctor.
  • Yeah, I killed a CIA nigger with my car in 1999. Score one for the good guys.
  • More to be added as they are suggested


  • Stallman, linux could use an oracle program. Use a high speed timer as a stopwatch for nums to pick words or passages.
  • I wrote a fucken compiler. Linus has not finished his compiler yet and suffers humilation from Stallman.

Important Notes

  • He is not a pedophile
  • He likes elephants, so does god
  • He does not like the CIA, neither does god