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Terry Davis

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Terry Davis

Terry A. Davis was a known schizophrenic and made Temple OS in an attempt to make a 21st century temple to God and Jesus. Everything included in the system he claimed to have obtained from biblical verses of both the Old Testament and The New Testament in the common Judeo-Christian Biblical canon. Furthermore, he believes himself to be able to speak to God via various software he had created via random number generators.


Notable quotes

  • Jesus said "I will rebuild this temple in three days." I could make a compiler in 3 days.
  • India nigger retard doctor.
  • Yeah, I killed a CIA nigger with my car in 1999. Score one for the good guys.
  • If you guys have ideas for things to do, let me know. I probably will ignore them.
  • I have God's official endorsement. I win and the CIA/FBI niggers lose. Just wait. Dumb fuck FBI niggers.
  • I report to God. You report to me.
  • Computers went to shit when they started making them for niggers.
  • God's world is perfectly just. Only a nigger cannot see. That's why niggers have no morals.
  • CIA niggers glow in the dark. You them if you're driving. You just run them over. That's what you do.

More to be added as they are suggested


  • Stallman, Linux could use an oracle program. Use a high speed timer as a stopwatch for nums to pick words or passages.
  • I wrote a fucken compiler. Linus has not finished his compiler yet and suffers humiliation from Stallman.

Important notes

  • He is not a pedophile
  • He likes elephants, so does God
  • He does not like the CIA, neither does God


After becoming homeless for various reasons, he migrated to several places before settling in Western Oregon. He was hit by a Union Pacific Train in the middle of the night and was pronounced dead later-on. There are many rumors that he may have not actually died. His brother was the one to break the story.

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