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/g/'s Linux Addict. Sometimes I check random wiki pages just to clean up your mess because you don't read Help:Editing, but I usually lurk at Special:RecentChanges.

  • Tripcode (Used only for wiki-related purposes): !!nlmp5dvWpZk
  • IRC: Morpheus in #wiki [at] irc.installgentoo.com (Just MemoServ me, I usually check it everyday by 17:00 UTC.)
  • Contact: morpheus [at] teknik.io (rarely checked, use the IRC to make me check my email)
  • PGP (rarely used)I may have lost my private key.

To-do list

  • Delete some pages in deletion candidate, also delete useless redirects (result of vandalism).SUSPENDED
  • Add some distros into Category:DistrosDONE
  • Copy and edit some Help pages from ArchWiki, especially to edit Help:Style/Formatting and punctuation to make it more universal.Fuck it, I'll do it later.
  • Figure a way out to make TOCright work with limits.