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*tv shows
*<strike>tv shows</strike>
**the i.t. crowd
**<strike>the i.t. crowd</strike>
**max headroom
**<strike>max headroom</strike>
**mr. robot
**<strike>mr. robot</strike>

Latest revision as of 06:16, 28 March 2016

Ideas for Pages

  • Linux directory structure
    • Perhaps vs Windows dir structure
  • PATH page, probably gunna be short.
  • Walkthrough of gnu coreutils for the linux newbie
  • Piracy article for the dungivvafuk pirate
  • Is there any standup comedy with tech jokes? Probably not.
    • Bill Burr's MMPC occasionally rants about tech, but nothing worth an article.
  • Is there tech related metal? industrial? music page.
    • does anyone on IGW give a shit about The Berzerker?
  • Android rooting/roms. cyangoenmod, omnirom, replicant?
  • Effective adblocking
    • user's browser
    • router level
  • Firewalls - doesn't seem to be a page, but probably some recommended softwares.
    • IPTABLES is tricky.
    • ufw is easy.
    • window's comodo firewall is recommended, check this out. didn't comodo just get a massive smackdown in the last month? check el reg/risky biz.
    • window's tinyway is recommended. check this out.
  • Find some more video games.
    • Have they all got descriptions? yep
  • Find some more movies.
    • Describe anything that has no description.
    • Trawl wikipedia for documentaries.
      • Maybe list:
        Brainstorm (1983)
        Christopher Walken and Nurse Ratched are computer scientists who create a Strange Days style VR recording/playback system. The military wants it to brainwash people (or something?). It was made in 1983 and it shows.
        A guy does nearly cum himself to death, though.
        Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986)
        Whoopi Goldberg receives messages from a spy on her computer and tries to help him out.
        Supposedly a comedy. Not funny and not really /g/ enough.
        Computer Dreams (1988)
        Showreel of 3D modelling and computer animation techniques. Mostly awful. Contains a couple of minutes of early Pixar stuff.
        Very little here for a /g/entooman.
        The Machine That Changed The World (1992)
        5 part series on the history of computers. First episode and a half only gets up to 1952. Without a doubt the most deeply boring documentary ever created, which is literally impossible to pay attention to.
        Hackers in Wonderland (2000)
        Short and edgy doco featuring short and edgy hackers in the UK. Very little to be learned.
        Perhaps interesting to britanons?
        24 Hours on Craigslist (2005)
        Interviews the earnest and the loonies of craigslist who all happened to post on the same day.
        Mentions anonymity briefly and is certainly internet culture, but not sure it's really /g/ related.
        Aardvark'd: 12 Weeks with Geeks (2005)
        Follows a group of interns working on a new software product. Not particularly interesting or technical.
        Does have a minute or so of a pre-troubles Aaron Swartz.
        The Code-Breakers (2006)
        A short look at open source software in developing countries. Quite dated and not much of interest to a /g/entooman.
        This Film is Not Yet Rated (2006)
        Looks at the secrecy around the MPAA film rating board and reasons for ratings. Features a tiny bit of social engineering from a private detective and focuses on an MPAA fuckhead who wants to put pirates in jail, but not sure it's really /g/ enough.
        Beyond the Game (2008)
        Follows a couple of professional Warcraft 3 players at the World Cyber Games 2007. The players are either depressed or emotionless and there's no real insight into anything. About half the movie is filler. Nothing in it for a /g/entooman and nothing in it for anyone else either.
        Assault Girls (2009)
        Some people playing a video game wander around a desert by themselves, until eventually they are forced to band together. Intensely boring. Only watch if you like cosplay babes shooting guns and even then don't actually sit through this bullshit.
        Us Now (2009)
        Pretends to examine self governance/the wisdom of the crowd (think Uber, AirBnB, crowdfunding). Spends less than one minute criticising the idea or even discussing it's limitations.
        Perhaps worth watching in the context of groupthink and search bubbles. Probably better not to waste your time.
        Winnebago Man (2009)
        Is the cranky old winnebago man from the viral video still cranky and old? Yep. Apparently he has strong political views but you won't be hearing them in this boring turd. Look! He's a bit cranky but completely harmless! ROFLMAO!!1 Basically Bumfights for the facebook crowd.
        Nintendo Quest (2015)
        More of a vlog than a documentary, two uncharistmatic, self important, autistic spectrum nobodies create their own "quest" to buy NES games for themselves. They become agitated when complete strangers aren't "down for [their] cause" and are often ungrateful when people are supportive. They fail their quest.
        Best part is an autist's story about how he ignored his father's requests for help and went to bed as his father died, then the relief he felt that his dad was dead. His mother then mentions that she fears becoming ill as it's unclear whether the autist would help her.
  • tech porn page?
  • tech books (non programming).
    • mitnick books
    • no place to hide - greenwald
    • wikileaks books?
    • stallman books
    • dreyfus book
    • we are anonymous book
  • tech magazines
    • maybe include this in tech books?
    • MagPi
    • normie mags distributed on kat?
  • youtube eceleb page
    • highly subjective
    • LGR
    • some teksyndicate faggot has a page already
  • DNS has some redlinks
    • opennic
    • there's a huge DNSCrypt article. i should read that shit
  • VR Page
    • oculus
    • google cardboard
    • uses
      • 180/360 porn
      • horror games
      • roller coasters
  • noteworthy tech people page
    • one sentence descriptions
  • replace external wikipedia links with interwiki links
  • gauge reader intrest
    • What do people want to read here?
      • Make a thread
    • Ideas to balance tech info with humor
    • Page of the week on mainpage?
    • Don't want IGW to just be a contributor jerkfest to see who knows the most (i.e. write-only wiki)
  • screensavers
    • electric sheep
    • digital rain
  • noteworthy blogs?
    • krebs on security
    • schneier
    • techdirt
  • tv shows
    • the i.t. crowd
    • max headroom
    • mr. robot
  • lockpicking