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(asiandvdclub.org is a scam, solcen is a convicted dog fondler)
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[https://archive.is/Xn3Do Bad Shill]
[https://archive.is/Xn3Do Bad Shill]
Written by masochistic uke who enjoys baseball bat in his rectum

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The account of "solcen" - A hairless Vietnamese boy who achieved short-lived e-fame for his singular testicle shaped like an ice cream cone. Overfond of underage girls urinating in Japanese cartoons, and scamming people stupid enough to think his ADC has any connection to the dead tracker.

Be careful or he will cry at you on Discord because you won't buy his/her/their seedbox or contribute to his/her/their website.

Famously (lol) banned from U2 for trying to sell -CENSORED FOR DECENCY-.

Bad Shill