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me bot me make userpage

my todo list:

  • androidricing/android software/roms - go through and label all proprietary apps as such, and link to fdroid over playstore if avaliable. Got up to torrents section.
  • Communcation platforms (matrix, telegram, etc)
  • firefox (addons mostly)
  • read through generals on g/translate linux conf talks to articles
  • Solve "what does /g/ use" problem: Make a category, and on the category page make a main one. Also add what does /g/ use sections to other pages e.g. linux distro page.
  • Change computer science page (possibly move algorithmns to a seperate page)
  • fix todo list (add mine and older users todo list)
  • get recomended software moved
  • conferences
  • https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php?title=Private_trackers&diff=48381&oldid=48305 <- revert this

What did Linus Torvalds Create?