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me bot me make userpage

my todo list:

  • Android ricing/Android Software/ROMs - go through and label all proprietary apps as such, and link to fdroid over playstore if avaliable. Got up to torrents section.
  • (NEW PAGE) Communcation platforms (matrix, telegram, etc)
  • Firefox (addons mostly)
  • read through generals on g/translate linux conf talks to articles
  • Solve "what does /g/ use" problem: Make a category, and on the category page make a main one. Also add what does /g/ use sections to other pages e.g. linux distro page.
  • Change Computer science page (possibly move algorithmns to a seperate page)
  • fix Todo List (add mine and older users todo list) 3,4,5,6,7,8
  • Do tasks relating to the same links (just go through every link and look for shit to do) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
  • get recomended software changed no admins :(
  • Conferences
  • https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php?title=Private_trackers&diff=48381&oldid=48305 <- revert this
  • Undo all of esios changes if cant get a response from an admin (maybe write bot)

What did Linus Torvalds Create?


Esio unvandalising guide:

Go to the pages linked below, view history and find the version prior to esio's vandalism. Copy entire source > go to current page > edit source > paste > profit

You can't actually move the pages back, because that would be considered deleting a page, which only admins can do. So at best you can just restore the page to what it once was, however note that the history of that page will be lost, and you will end up with a bunch of duplicate pages

List of priority pages that Esio is vandalizing:

List of other targets:

Now defunct pages that were targets:

  • /wmg/