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[https://quitter.se/se7en GNU Social] (more on GNU Social [[GNU Social|here]])
[https://quitter.se/se7en GNU Social] (more on GNU Social [[GNU Social|here]])
[https://quitter.se/chocolate_chip secondary GNU Social]
[https://quitter.se/chocolatechip secondary GNU Social]
[https://gitgud.io/Chocolate-Chip-Computing/ Git]
[https://gitgud.io/Chocolate-Chip-Computing/ Git]

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I'm just a guy that keeps on keeping on. I decided that since I'm not doing much else, I'd make this user page actually presentable and an accurate representation of me. It's a work in progress.

Quick bio

My name is Se7en (or Se78n on Rizon because someone already took that nick). I also use the alias "Chocolate Chip" for unprofessional, silly things. I used to use the alias Chocolate Chip exclusively, but due to issues, I discovered that I needed to use two aliases to separate silly jokes from serious professionalism. I am currently working on changing everything serious from "Chocolate Chip" to "Se7en" while having everything not serious remain the same. So eventually, if you see "Chocolate Chip" (with obvious connection to me), you can know that it is not serious.

For example, I once made a very edgy blog for the sole purpose of being edgy. People thought it was serious. I made a serious article (which is linked later on). People thought it to be satire. Due to this, it became apparent that I needed to separate the two.

Things I am against


I've stopped using Wikipedia because they turned into a Safe Space. Essentially, every article is subject to review by a team of elitist editors that are bias to the SJW plague. Any article is therefore bias and contradictory not due to armature contributors having slight misinformation, not due to spammers, not due to companies using PR firms to make themselves look better. It is the elitist few staff that control and censor everything to fit with their uniform view of the world.

Sadly still, Wikipedia is still the most popular and easiest source for basic information on a topic, so I will link there on occasion. However, I have slowed down on this greatly.

Editors and censorship

Here is some proof on the subject, and here is some more proof: an article on Zoe Quinn that barely covers her, is covered very well in the GamerGate article already, and reads like the "about" section in a blog. This is a response from the official Wikipedia help chat on Freenode. I went there to ask for assistance in nominating the article for deletion. Here is a short discussion after the affair with some unrelated people. While I don't have a screenshot, the first proposed deletion notice was removed on the grounds of spam. The second was being discussed through the proper channels, as seen here. The responses are mostly about oppressed feminism, and calling me a man despite them knowing nothing about me. This is gibberish and red herrings to the main issue.

Well known in decline and economic prosperity

I am not the only person to believe in its decline. This Slashdot article uses research from a credible university to say that the elitist few are harming Wikipedia. I wrote an article for Wikipedia's 15 birthday explaining not only this but the economic hoarding issue, them having 15 million in reserve as reported in 2011. They do not need that much, nor do they use that much, as they only host a high-bandwidth cloudflare-powered website.


Github is a software repo that is contrary to their intended purpose and instead fight mysogany and trans-phobia; a completely irrelevant thing to do when having business in computer technology.

Github SJWness

Convversation with InstallGen2 and others

posting the incredibly stupid news to a political chat

Stallman-esque article against Github

An example of the kind of community Github attracts

Use this instead of my old github

Open Source

I am a FSFag, and I believe in the power of GNU and Richard Mathew Stallman. Due to this, I have some strong beliefs against Open Source.

  • Open Source misses the point (as seen here)
  • Open Source uses weak, flimsy licenses that don't guarantee it is Freedom-Friendly(tm)
  • The Open Source Initiative believes simply that source-published software will result in a better product. This is completely contradictory to what GNU believes in, which is that Computers have become an everyday part of society and life itself. Therefore, its use, how it is used, and how the user is allowed to use them is a social-political issue, and they show how they stand. I believe in the former only in part, and the latter in full.

Now, just as RMS has said, Open Source is Free-Software in practice, not principle. Very rarely will you see an Open Source program that is not FSF-compatible. That being said, I will not be a part of the Open Source community, share its ideals, nor will I endorse the BSD, MIT, and other Open Source licenses. Will I use software licensed under these licenses? On occasion, yes. Would I put anything under these licenses? Absolutely not.

External links

Main site

Furry/Nostalgia Site (non-serious site made to look like it hasn't been updated since 2003)

Made this style guide, but it is not in use yet

GNU Social (more on GNU Social here)

secondary GNU Social