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I am a furry

I am an Otaku

I am a debian contributer

I am a proud member of the GNU/Life

Computer Website

Furry/Nostalgia Site

Me on the Debian Wiki

Made this style guide, but it is not in use yet

GNU Social (more on GNU Social here)

I've stopped using Wikipedia because they turned into a Safe Space. That is why there is no link anymore


more proof

even more proof

some follow-up to the previous link


Slashdot article about it

Archive of Previous

Research paper linked in previous links (pdf)

Wikipeida is a safe space, and also begs for money despite having over ~15 mil USD in reserve. Please boycott it

Also, github

Github SJWness

Convo with InstallGen2 and others

posting the incredibly stupid news to a political chat

Stallman-esque article against Github

An example of the kind of community Github attracts

Use this instead of my old github