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Way back when I made an account, and made both good and poor contributions to this wiki. I lost my password, spam happened, and couldn't make a new account. Now I made a new account and hope to help fix misinformation on this wiki (some of which was my own youthful misunderstanding of things).

I am the founder of The Liquid Crystal Generation, a lifestyle ideal that I am the only member of so far (heh heh).

I am by no means a Linux Zealot. I am a GNU zealot, as well as a UNIX zealot. Know the difference.

Website soon.

Email se7en at cock dot email

PGP: 0x73518A15BA3C1476

If you want to send me some BTC so I can live and not be homeless, send it to 135ucAZBy2LJxX7SnV4NCLpmgpae6FNha1. Thanks