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The text to speech feature works on mechanical man further. you'll be able to use your mechanical man phone camera and translate the text in-universe with the assistance of text to speech online free. There square measures such a large amount of accessibility options that square measure engineered into the mechanical man. you would like to listen to the text scan aloud to you, users choose to talk. Swipe down from the highest of the phone and when this faucet is on the gear icon to open the device setting. afterward, you would like to faucet accessibility within the settings menu and choose to talk. If text to speech isn't put in on your mobile, then you'll be able to use text to speech online from Google. you'll be able to additionally check from put-in services to seek out it. faucet the choice to talk electric switch to show it on. Press alright to ensure the permission on your phone. currently that you just have a text to speech feature put in in your phone, you would like to open any app on the phone and faucet the choose to talk icon on your screen. relying upon the version of your mechanical man, it is someone who formed an icon or a bubble with a speech emblem on that. Tap the Play icon. The phone starts at the highest of the screen and reads everything you see. If you simply wish some text scan aloud, highlight the text, then faucet the choose to talk icon. faucet the Left Arrow beside the Play button to visualize a lot of playback choices. faucet Stop to finish playback. For screenless expertise, use Talkback, which additionally permits you to manage your phone together with your voice.  How to Manage mechanical man Text-to-Speech Voices and choices Android provides you some management over the language and voice accustomed to scan text aloud after you choose to talk. It is simple to alter the language, accent, pitch, or speed of the synthesized text voice. Swipe down from the highest of the screen, then faucet the gear icon. Tap General management. the position of options will vary in several versions of the mechanical man. If you do not notice it here, use the search icon.