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Video games

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Hacking Related Video Games

  • Syndicate (1993) - RTS with a cyberpunk theme.
  • Syndicate Wars (1996) - RTS with a cyberpunk theme.
  • Uplink (2001) - Terminal hacking simulator.
  • Enter the Matrix (2003) - Written by the Matrix creators and containing an hour of original, movie quality cutscenes filmed during matrix 2, this game was broken as fuck on launch and dissapointed millions of fans. Even with official patches and fan fixes it's still shit. If you're keen, watch someone on youtube play through it.
  • The Matrix: Path of Neo (2005) - While playable, it's still really bad. Gamifies all your favourite Neo scenes from the movies, and has snippets of film straight from the movie. While it is playable, you don't want to play it. Watch someone else do it on youtube, or just play the original Max Payne.
  • Darwinia (2005) - RTS with an AI theme.
  • DEFCON (2006) - WarGames simulator.
  • Watch Dogs (2014) - Grand Theft Auto clone with hacking elements.
  • Superhot (2016) - FPS with MS-DOS-as-fuck menus/theme.

Terminal Games

While not necessarily hacker related, playing an ASCII only terminal game is pretty nerdy.

  • NetHack (1987 - ongoing) - A roguelike with a fantasy theme.
  • Dwarf Fortress (2006 - ongoing) - Village management simulator with a fantasy theme. Very deep gameplay for it's very shallow graphics.


Main Article: MUD

In the beginning there were text adventures (go north, get key, use key chest). Then there were Multi User Dungeons. Text only MMORPGs usually connected to via Telnet which date back to the pre-web BBS days and beyond.

Free and Open-Source Video Games

  • OpenMW - Morrowind open-source engine (need data from original CD, or ISO...).
  • OpenRA - An open-source implementation of Command & Conquer : Red Alert.
  • Freeciv - A kind of turn-based video games from 90's.
  • Supertuxkart - The Emacs of video games, you should install it !
  • Battle for Wesnoth - A turn-based strategy game made by a cripple who likes guns.
  • Nexuiz - An open-source FPS, and don't forget it, kids, FPS are for retards.
  • Open Arena - Same shit as Nexuiz.
  • Sauerbraten - A "not too bad" FPS.
  • Red Eclipse - An ass-smelly FPS.

AI Related Video Games

  • SOMA - Go on a wacky adventure with some faggot book store clerk from Toronto and his autistic sidekick. A very deep and thought provoking game.
  • System Shock - Stop HAL 9000's evil plans.

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