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YouTube is a centralized proprietary botnet and censorship platform where videos are occasionally posted. Most YouTube videos feature an annoying faggot complaining about demonetization. YouTube was originally a cool site on the Web which allows for easy sharing of videos. Google purchased YouTube in 2006, to replace their own service Google Videos. Google first maintained YouTube, then began its decline in 2012 with the integreation of Google+, which no longer exists. Later, Larry Page appointed his Wife to be the head of YouTube. Now, YouTube is a hyper-censored medium attempting to emulate Cable Television. Many veteran "YouTubers" have left the platform for other services. YouTube has a number of critisisms from many facets of people, especially the political Left and Right Wing of the United States due to their censorship.

3 Strikes Policy

Youtube has a 3 strikes policy, whereby if three videos are flagged for inappropiate content within a given period of time, a users account is revoked. Users that have their accounts shut down are encouraged to request an appeal at Youtube HQ in person.


  • Bitchute - P2P based Youtube alternative. Requires Javascript, so may as well be made by NSA.
  • PeerTube - P2P based Youtube alternative #2. Requires Javascript.
  • HookTube - YouTube wrapper created by a /g/entooman. Helpful for downloading videos and circumventing geographic restrictions.
  • LBRY/Odysee - Blockchain based Youtube alternative. Requires Javascript. You might actually find a few popular Youtube channels here.
  • Host your own damn videos
  • Invidious - Youtube front-end made by Omar Roth released under the AGPL, better than using plain Youtube.
  • NewPipe - Not an alternative to Youtube, but a client/frontend for Android, it doesn't use Google's services or allows you to log in.
  • VidLii - An alternative that seeks to re-create the atmosphere of old YouTube

Tech Channels

Note: YouTube banned so-called "Hacking Videos" beginning in 2019.