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YouTube is a centralized proprietary botnet and censorship platform where videos are occasionally posted. Most YouTube videos feature an annoying faggot complaining about demonetization.

3 Strikes Policy

Youtube has a 3 strikes policy, whereby if three videos are flagged for inappropiate content within a given period of time, a users account is revoked. Users that have their accounts shut down are encouraged to request an appeal at Youtube HQ in person.


  • Bitchute - P2P based Youtube alternative. Requires Javascript, so may as well be made by NSA.
  • Peertube - P2P based Youtube alternative #2. Requires Javascript.
  • HookTube - YouTube wrapper created by a /g/entooman. Helpful for downloading videos and circumventing geographic restrictions.
  • Host your own damn videos
  • Invidious - Youtube front-end made by Omar Roth released under the AGPL, better than using plain Youtube.

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