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4chan is an online anime imageboard created by Christopher Poole, or "moot", in 2003. In October 2014, many 4chan users migrated to 8chan.

Brief History

4chan is a 2chan rip off originally intended to be used for anime discussion. Moot and his friends cannot post on 2chan because 2chan forbids posting outside of Japan, and only Japanese discussion is allowed. Then 4chan was born to fulfill the role of an English image board for anime.

Conspiracies and theories:

Now, 4chan is believed to be a honeypot, especially the /b/ board and the /pol/ board.


  • Mods of /b/ are FBI agents.
  • Mods of /v/ are EA/Valve shills.
  • Mods of /pol/ are JIDF and CIA niggers.
  • There are no mods on /g/.

Death of 4chan


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