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Fidget Cube

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The Fidget Cube, often referred to as the "autism cube" on /g/, is a toy for people who lack calm hands and always need something to fiddle with. The idea was originally published (and successfully funded) by Antsy Labs on Kickstarter, but many Chinese clones appeared and went on sale earlier than the original version. Somewhat unsurprisingly, these toys have proven popular on /csg/, where anons unironically collect these things. Post-2016 they have become normie and autisticware thanks to the fad of Fidget Spinners.


Opened clone cube

There are several knobs and buttons to play with on the six sides of the cube:

  • Joystick or slider
  • Rocker switch
  • Five buttons, some are clicky and some silent
  • Spinning disk
  • Three rollers/gears and a rotating shiny ball
  • Oval shaped indent (does nothing)

The body of the cube measures approximately 3 cm on each side (not including the parts that stick out).

As of early January 2017 the original Fidget Cubes had not arrived and had not been reviewed, so there's a slight variation of features found on the cloned versions. For example, some cubes have rubberized buttons while others don't, some cubes allow you to press/click the shiny ball and joystick, the number of clicky buttons differs and so on.

Comparison of Fidget Cubes

The following table shall give an overview of some Chinese clones, their features and flaws.

Vendor Joystick/Slider Rocker switch 5 buttons Spinning disk 3 rollers Shiny ball Oval indent Price Packaging Surface Flaws Notes
Ebay (rightyoung, possibly others) Joystick Magnets Rubberized, 3 clicky, 2 silent No resistance Clicky ~$8 Cardboard box that slides apart Matte/smooth Joystick[1] Can be opened by lifting the spinning disk (with a knife or thin plastic tool) and undoing two small Philips screws underneath, comes apart without force.
Ebay Joystick Hard to move Hard to move Folding cardboard box that opens on top Build quality [2]
Gearbest Joystick Plastic, all clicky [3] Hard to move $5 Matte/smooth Joystick, build quality, loud buttons [4]
Fidgetbye Joystick 2 clicky, 3 silent [5]
Aliexpress (rock club, possibly others) Joystick Build quality [6]
Antsy Labs (Kickstarter original) Slider Easy to flip 3 clicky, 2 silent, plastic Clicky Clicky Clicky $22/25 Clear plastic [7] Matte/smooth Preorder only

Common flaws

Worn joystick "bearing"
  • The joystick is prone to get stuck pretty quickly. This may be due to wear and tear on the metal ball inside, which rubs against a another metal plate, causing a flat surface there on the ball. Applying some grease might or might not help.
  • Build quality is hit-or-miss.