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/gedg/ - Game and Engine Dev General

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Game and Engine Development General

The Game and Engine Development General, or /gedg/ is for the discussion of creating games and engines, including the many tools and libraries involved in dev. One large incentive for posting on /gedg/ is code blocks. On /g/, you can share code like so

[code] paste your code here [/code]

We have an IRC channel #/g/gedg on rizon!

Also make sure to check out the /gedg/ compendium: https://rentry.org/gedg!

Engines and Libraries

Open Source

  • assimp: Model loading library made with C++.
  • Bevy: Popular Rust game engine.
  • bgfx: Thicc C/C++ rendering library with numerous bindings for other languages.
  • Dear Imgui: C++ GUI library.
  • EnTT: Fast entity component system written in C++.
  • egui: Rust GUI library inspired by Dear ImGui.
  • GLFW: Multi-platform C library for making windows and handling input events.
  • Godot: 2D/3D game engine written in C++.
  • libGDX: Java framework with bits of C/C++ for performance.
  • LÖVE: 2D game engine in Lua.
  • Lua: Lua is a simple and powerful language that can be used to embed scripts in programs.
  • miniaudio: A simple cross-platform audio library written in C, contained in a single source file.
  • MonoGame: C# framework for making games and engines.
  • O3DE: 3D game engine with visual and Lua scripting.
  • Ogre: 3D game engine made in C++.
  • OpenGL: Ubiquitous cross-platform rendering API.
  • OpenGL Mathematics (GLM): glm is a ubiquitous math library made for use with OpenGL. It is also commonly used with other graphics API such as Vulkan.
  • PhysX: A powerful C++ physics library.
  • pygame: Python library for game dev.
  • Ren'Py: Engine for making visual novels.
  • raylib: Simple to use C game engine. The raylib website provides examples and simple games.
  • SDL: C/C++ library that provides access to graphics, audio, and hardware.
  • spdlog: Speedy C++ logging library.
  • sokol: Header-only C library that provides a large number of abstractions and utilities. This includes a wrapper for OpenGL + Metal + D3D11. There are also some handy samples.
  • Stride: C# engine under the MIT license.
  • Vulkan: OpenGL's hot younger sister.
  • wgpu: Rust graphics library based on the WebGPU API.

Closed Source

The term "closed" also includes "pay to view" code.

  • Havok: Physics engine, also has an AI module (pathfinding, navigation meshes, etc.).
  • RPGMaker: Tool to easily make nipponese text and number simulators. But more likely you will use it to make a porn/fetish game. Allows for customization if you know Javascript.
  • Unity: Widely known, uses C#.
  • Unreal: AAA game engine, uses C++.

Open Source Games and Projects

Opportunities to learn from the source code.



Programming and Architecture

Linear Algebra and Spacial Transformations

Rendering APIs and the GPU


  • Improved Perlin Noise: 2002 algorithm by Ken Perlin used for terrain generation. Here is a Java implementation of the algorithm.
  • Noise-Based RNG: 2017 GDC Math for Game Programmers talk where Squirrel Eiserloh discusses how RNGs can replace noise functions. An update of the code by Squirrel was later created.

Fluid Simulation

General Math and Physics

The things here either don't fit in the other sections or they so largely encapsulate more than one section that putting them there wouldn't do the material justice.

Technically non-gratis, but we all know how to use search engines.

Programming and Architecture

Math and Physics

Rendering APIs and the GPU