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Are you intent on starting a bet9ja shop? Bet9ja shops are growing in numbers recently and many people are becoming aware of sports betting in Nigeria, little wonder many guys now stay in betting shops more than they stay in their own houses.bit.ly Due to the present recession, many Nigerians are now taking refuge in sport betting as huge winnings are announced from time, this announced winnings are like fuels as they bring more people into the sports betting world. There are many reasons why I will recommend Bet9ja What Is Dnb over any other bookmaker in Nigeria which I have briefly explained below.

Note that this is a basic how to become a bet9ja agent guide.bet9ja.com If you need the complete blueprint then get it here. You know the first is always the best. 1 sport betting bookmaker, bet9ja has the potential of growing more that the monster it presently is, Who Brought Bet9ja To Nigeria having outranked other bookies and taking the first position, Bet9ja Prediction is the bookie I will always recommend you start with. 1; "Your success is our success - Victor Ekpeba" bet9ja always want their bet9ja shop owners to succeed. Bet9ja presently offers the highest commission structure in the sport betting market in Nigeria, this is the reason they have the highest number of shops in the country more than any other bookie.

It is no news that bet9ja has the highest customers and the highest sales turnover of the sports betting market as it leads in both customers and sales. Since the service you will be rendering in your bet9ja shop is internet-based, it is advisable that you possess some computer cum internet knowledge to aid your business growth. If you don’t know about computers yet, you can enroll in any certified computer training academy to learn computer basics which doesn’t take long to graduate. A computer system has to be present at your shop at your Bet9ja Prediction shop which you will be using to login to your shop account and play games for customers.

Make sure you chose an updated computer system with a sufficient ram space to aid rapid operation and internet connection. Electricity has to be present because without electricity you can’t operate. You need a generating plant because most area in Nigeria the local electricity supply is not always sufficient so a generating plant is required to open your bet9ja shop. It is expected you own a good electricity generating set (new one advisable) which you will be using to work. I can see your face squeezing since money has found its way here. Bet9ja normally request for some money from you to process your shop application details and Who Win Bet9ja there is high chance of your shop approval so you really don’t have to worry. Now you have fulfilled all requirements of being a bet9ja agent and about to start your bet9ja shop application but don’t know where to begin.tinyurl.com Fill the application form correctly. You will be requested to upload an image of your shop so look for a good photographer to take a digital image of your Bet9ja What Is Dnb shop. After filling every information correctly click the submit button and wait patiently.

Gambling or betting is among the games of luck in which the results depend, partially or totally, on - you guessed right - luck. Popular betting operators in Nigeria include: Bet9ja Prediction, Live Betting, Naijabet, Nairabet, Surebet, Lovingbet and Merrybet. In Bet9ja, one can use advantages of betting combinations like First Goal scorer and Half-Time/Full-Time and high odds. In Live Betting option, the odds change once in 90 minutes. On weekends, the number of bets can reach 10,000 on one offer. The payouts are done between 24- 72 hours. The maximum amount to withdraw is unlimited. And, withdrawal of money occurs with no extra charges. At Nairabet, the smallest possible bet is N50 and youtube.com the biggest is N25,000,000. In Surebet, the maximum win is N1,000 and 500,000. Winnings exceeding this amount will be reduced to the limit.

The maximum amount to withdraw is limited by N500,000 at one time. At Lovingbet, the minimum bet is N50 and [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4ejjUba5X4 Bet9ja What Is Dnb] maximum win is N5,000, and N10,000.tinyurl.com At Merrybet, [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4ejjUba5X4 Bet9ja What Is Dnb Mobile App] the minimum bet must be N100, the maximum one is up to N2,000,000 per one player per day. Placing the same bet more than once is not possible. And, withdrawals are made within 24-hour working days. The minimum amount to withdraw is N1,000 but one can withdraw maximum of N500,000 at a hit. Investigation by Saturday Sun shows that many of those who gamble do so to survive the hard economic times. In a discussion with a better who introduced himself as Joe King, he said that the game once saved him from the shame of being ejected from his one-room apartment.

According to him, when his factory work stopped two years ago, he could not easily lay his hands on any other job. Because of that, he could no longer pay his house rent.tiny.cc "During that period, I was helpless and did not know what to do, until a friend introduced me to gambling, especially, sport betting," he said. Mr. Tunde Kale, a better informed that the high rate of unemployment and poverty in the country has led many people like him to go into it as a saving grace. "For me, poverty is the major cause for the high rise in betting in Nigeria," he said.

"You see, people need to find a way to make money and survive the hard times. We are not expected to steal before we eat. He revealed that there was a time he won N120,000 from sports betting and used the money to buy an Okada. "Some of us who are into betting know that it is a game in which you either win or lose," he explained. "And, I do not play with huge amount of money. For instance, if some who drinks beer can spend N500 on two bottles every day, I prefer using half of that amount to bet. The question is: between two of us, who took a better decision?

Some of those who engage in the game, especially pool-betting, say they play it to escape or forget about problems. Pa Jack Inomire, a pensioner, said that playing pool to him is leisure which keeps his life going. "The money I use to play pool is not a waste because I go there to spend time and discuss with other people," he insists.tinyurl.com "Sometime, staying at home is boring. The most popular form of betting among high school students is the card games, followed by instant lotteries, skill-based activities, sports betting, and bingo. Girls tend to gamble less than boys, and in proportion, boys are more likely to experience gambling problems. In the past, boys and girls did not use to engage in the same kind of gambling activities: boys prefer cards, sports betting and skill-based activities, while girls engage more in instant lotteries, cards and bingo.

But today, the reverse is the case as both boys and girls are into sport betting in order to make quick money. A student, who goes by the name, Kudus, revealed that he plays gambling for fun, excitement, and to make money to support his education. "I started playing it for the fun I derive from it," he told Saturday Sun. "Each time, people would gather and [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRnKfXTUVAqcsIYhlSG1G8w Bet9ja Prediction] be discussing about the amount they won. Sometimes, those who won big money would throw a small party for guys and New Bet9ja they would eat, drink and have fun. Many betters claim that they get their winning numbers from game forecasters, while others get theirs from co-gamblers who are magnanimous enough to share more likely winning numbers with them. Investigation reveals that cigarette and Indian hemp smokers are always ready to share likely winning numbers with co-smokers who are interested to play.

In the words of Michael Okeji, no intending better finds it difficult to get numbers, except the person does not show interest or [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4ejjUba5X4 Bet9ja What Is Dnb] go to betting centres. He also informed that mad people sometimes distribute numbers to betters which, most times, turn out to be a clincher. "Many of us get winning numbers from mad people who have the spirit of forecasting," he said. "Look, a new mad woman had arrived town," they sang, accompanied by wide clapping. "She is going home to meet her husband, stark naked." In the current craze for betting, no woman has become that crazy yet for Who Get Bet9ja the big financial haul, with meagre amount.

But with the way Nigerians, young and old, are going about the betting issue, don’t be surprised to hear that happening somewhere, sooner than later. Many gambling addiction stories start out innocently when one makes a trip to the sport betting centres and gets a few good wins, then a loss or Highest Bet9ja Winner two. Ordinarily, betters feel a "rush" when they gamble, and because of the desire to experience the same rush again and again, they start to lose control over how much time or money they are spending on it. One Mr. Sikiru Adelakun is of the opinion that if one only gambles with money he can afford to lose, and not with money he needs for settlement of bills, there is no problem with that. A lot of gamblers feel that they are waiting for the ‘big win’, which never comes but always seems tantalizingly close.

But oftentimes having a big win would simply fuel their desire for more opportunities at gambling, leaving them feeling trapped into a behaviour with no way out. Mrs. Dupe Oni, a diehard better, said that betting is a way of life and part of business. She explained that the way people buy and sell to make profit is the same way that betters invest their money and hope that it yields a better result. "Some of us who gamble either in Baba Ijebu or online sports betting are also into business because sometimes we win or and sometimes we lose.

So, to me, it is a way of making a living," she argued. But it is not one without certain avoidable consequences or repercussions. One Cyril Okema said he started the betting game as a way of relieving stress, of having fun. But unfortunately, he started betting with thousands of naira.bit.ly Before he knew it, he was losing up to N50,000 per month. At a point, he had to go borrowing in order to continue with the game. He said four years down the line he realized that he had a problem. "For a long time, I did not see my addiction in gambling as a problem because I believed that everyone else gambles - why should I not gamble too? " he confessed. "But at a point it began to dawn on me that I have lost total control by spending more money, without getting returns.

Since the emergence of sports betting in Nigeria, sports has grown from being just a recreational activity, to a multi- million business in the country. The sports betting industry has grown rapidly over the years leveraging on the high increase of internet users and availability of smartphones, the ever growing population in the country, and the love of sports by the country. Sports betting is generally known to be the prediction of a sporting event and placing a wager on the outcome of that event in order to win money. If the predictions are right, the bets are rewarded with stipulated winnings.

The sports betting industry has found a home in Nigeria; as many sport betting companies have sprung up in the country since its inception in 2009 by Akin Alabi of NairaBet. Other companies include Bet9ja, Merrybet, Naijabet, Bet King, Sporting Bet, Surebet24, Supabets, 1960bet, Nairastake, Parknbet, 360bet, and many others. The industry has continued to boom as different companies fight for dominance with fresh innovative ideas through which they can gain the number one spot in the country. Over the years NairaBet and Bet9ja have struggled for the number one spot in Nigeria. With its online strength and strong customer service, the company obtained the highest online users until 2016, when a report from KPMG revealed the leading sports betting company in Nigeria. 5 million, a 20 - 30% margin on profit.

Bet9ja was officially launched in 2012. The company’s fresh and innovative ideas led to it becoming the leading sports betting company in Nigeria. Bet9ja Prediction raised the bar when the company’s creative team came up with the strategy to target viewing centers and to support them with materials and training where need be. Other sports betting companies began to adopt the same strategy including NairaBet. In general sports betting companies are doing great and with the industry growing rapidly; it has created employment for the youths, it generates tax revenue for the government and also contributes to economic growth. The sport betting industry has really exploded in Nigeria; it remains to be seen what effect or impact more betting companies will have in Nigeria. However, we are hopeful that the growth of this industry will create more employments opportunities for the youths, and also contribute greatly to the Nigerian economy.

In the age of virtual reality, who needs real-life football anymore? Why waste months on betting on real football matches, when you can bet on computer-generated ones and spend mere minutes? Today, we want to share the virtual football league tips and tricks with those in the know. With these tricks, you will be able to lose less and gain more! What is virtual football? If you are a novice in the world of betting and virtual sports matches, let us explain. Virtual football is a computer-generated counterpart of the real-life football. Most of the time, even the teams are the same in both versions.

However, there are a few key differences. First, the real match lasts for 90 minutes (give or take a few minutes added by the judge). A virtual football match lasts from 90 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on a platform that offers the virtual services. Second, regular football is more of a spectators’ sport. However, many people still view it mostly as a thing they can bet on. Virtual football’s whole purpose is betting. Its short time frame allows players to bet every few minutes instead of every other week. Now that you have a general idea what virtual football is, it is time to teach you some of the tricks that might help you win big next time you play. As we are a Nigerian website, it is only logical that we are going to talk about Nigerian virtual football leagues, also known as VFL.

As you probably know, there are a lot of platforms to choose from. To name a few, there is 1960bet, MerryBet, and bet9ja virtual football league. Most of them work the same way, as they are all built on the Betradar platform. This means that if you know how to play bet9ja, you will figure out the other websites easily as well. The main difference between them is the names of the teams. Some use the names of national teams, while others go for specific names, like Real Madrid, or Chelsea. As virtual football is basically visualised computer-generated code, it can be easily exploited.

Consider these tips if you want to make accurate MerryBet, 1960bet or bet9ja virtual football predictions. Many virtual football novices go into the game without knowing anything about it. They think that all they need is pure luck and nothing more. Here is where they are wrong. Virtual football might seem simple and pretty straightforward at first, but it will eat you up and spit you back out in a couple of minutes. Which is why you need to approach it with at least a basic strategy. Of course, you might be able to come up with your own system that will work right for you. However, allow us to share two tried and true methods that proved to be working many times in the past.

The first system is called the Weak Team Strategy. A lot of people tend to bet on the strong teams who are bound to win sooner or later. Nevertheless, it might be a smart move to bet on the team who is consistently losing. For this method, check out the results of past seasons to figure out which teams are the weakest. They should consistently end up in the bottom three. Choose one of those teams and follow it for a few in-game weeks to make sure they are still losing. On week three, you can start staking on them to lose their next matches, both at home and away.

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