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Setting up a Server/Recommended Server Software

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  • Mail: see Setting up a Server/Mail
  • DNS: see Setting up a Server/DNS#Authoritative
  • FTP: vsftpd, glftpd (nonfree), pureftpd, proftpd
  • IRCd: inspircd, ngircd, kike
  • BNC: znc
  • XDCC: iroffer-dinoex
  • XMPP: prosody
  • Proxy: tinyproxy, danted, haproxy
  • Usenet Server: Leafnode, InterNetNews
  • Web Cache/Reverse Proxy: varnish, squid, nginx
  • Web: nginx, darkhttpd
  • Configuration Management: cdist, ansible, salt
  • Control Panel: Webmin, Cockpit
  • Direct Connect Server (DCC): uhub, luadch
  • BBS Server: Mystic BBS
  • MUD: PennMUSH