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IG:NEUTRAL enforcement

While we all hate Windows, I have to remind you that you must not use "we" as in InstallGentoo Wiki, and presenting your bias as if the wiki directs you to.

I have to admit, while this does not break IG:FALSE, we do not condone that you use the wiki's name and using Template:Warning tag improperly, and not adhering to IG:NEUTRAL, I'll give you 3 days to change this article or I'll roll this back to revision 30865.

 Morpheus talk 01:46, 14 March 2016 (EDT)

I was able to modify the main page and remove some more uncredible propaganda, swearing, and inappropriate picture. This page can still use a good overhaul by someone proficient in English. I may have still missed some things. Tamus J Royce (talk) 23:38, 30 January 2016 (CST)
Never mind. Reading this page more thoroughly, I have no problem if this page was wiped or removed. Regardless if my commits are removed. Tamus J Royce (talk) 14:43, 30 January 2016 (CST)

How about this:
Warning: There may be research about a virtualized instance of Windows 10 that may be able to access the host system, bypassing the hypervisor. Windows 10 may securely datamine information through technologies such as telemetry and Cortana. Both to the benefits of Microsoft Windows customers. Windows 10 Enterprise or Education is recommended over other versions because most of these features can be turned off. Since permissions for Gentoo Prefix must be manually setup, the Prefix may open security concerns. Continue at your own risk.
It would be helpful if this was not highly opinionated. There is still a security concern. But the security concern should be adding new software may open up security concerns. Tamus J Royce (talk) 14:27, 30 January 2016 (CST)
It would be nice to include Windows 10 Enterprise and Education as having less security concerns while not promoting it as having no security concerns. Tamus J Royce (talk) 13:51, 30 January 2016 (CST)
How about this:
Warning: There is a high likelihood that Windows 10 is compromised, even in a virtual machine. Research shows the possibility of the Windows 10 system being able to access the host system through bypassing the hypervisor. Windows 10 is highly malicious, and has been proven time and time again to not only datamine and steal user information, but it has been designed to do this. Continue at your own risk.
Bias means to disregard the truth to tip the scales in your favour. This new warning does no such thing and only warns the user of impending danger, so maybe we could replace the first warning with this one, and remove the second one (under installation). — Galactus (talk) 06:56, 14 March 2016 (EDT)
Couldn't there just be a section for Win 10 criticisms and have the warning say something like "be sure to read the criticism section first"?
And do you have a link that explains that hypervisor breakout? I'd like to read it. Thanks Mrsnooze (talk) 07:16, 14 March 2016 (EDT)
http://www.networkworld.com/article/2358488/microsoft-subnet/researchers-call-on-hackers-to-find-ways-of-exploiting-hyper-v-s-huge-attack.html — Galactus (talk) 07:24, 14 March 2016 (EDT)
Not to derail, but that link is specific to the Hyper-V hypervisor (as opposed to any hypervisor) and the flaw in Hyper-V could be exploited by any guest operating system that Hyper-V supports, including linux. So I agree that it's technically correct, but it's a little misleading. Mrsnooze (talk) 08:04, 14 March 2016 (EDT)
Fair enough, I misread what was said. Though in my defence, I wasn't the one who wrote that warning, so you might have to ask that person, or google it yourself. — Galactus (talk) 12:17, 14 March 2016 (EDT)
Hm.. that's reasonable.  Morpheus talk 09:25, 14 March 2016 (EDT)
"Impending danger"? Yes, of course. But, "The InstallGentoo wiki strongly, strongly recommends not installing Windows 10."? No. I prefer that I don't do any intervention to articles and edits, but an opinion that one shouldn't install something should never be voiced in the name of InstallGentoo.  Morpheus talk 09:25, 14 March 2016 (EDT)
I fixed the article. Is it okay now? — Galactus (talk) 12:15, 14 March 2016 (EDT)
I think we should add more sources regarding this spying matter, but it is preferable if one gets it from unbiased websites.  Morpheus talk 12:45, 14 March 2016 (EDT)
There are two major ones right at the beginning of the article 'major concerns'. I added them myself, and they have the most up to date information as it stands. All others are outdated and rumour based, there's no testing involved. — Galactus (talk) 12:51, 14 March 2016 (EDT)
Some sources from slashdot:
Telemetry / Phoning Home
Even when told not to, Windows 10 just can\u2019t stop talking to Microsoft
How To Keep Microsoft's Nose Out of Your Personal Data In Windows 10 (not a total solution)
Can You Disable Windows 10's Privacy-Invading Features? (not totally)
Microsoft Telemetry Collection, Explained
ZDNet Writer Downplays Windows 10's Phoning-Home Habits
Even With Telemetry Disabled, Windows 10 Talks To Dozens of Microsoft Servers
Microsoft Monitoring How Long You Use Windows 10
Windows Telemetry Rolls Out
Windows 10 Still Phones Home With Data In Spite of Privacy Settings
How to get a grip on your files, data that Windows 10 phones home to Microsoft
Senior Russian lawmaker seeks ban on Windows 10 in state agencies
Creepy "trust us ;)" stuff
Microsoft Has Your Encryption Key If You Use Windows 10
A Breakdown of the Windows 10 Privacy Policy
Windows 10's Privacy Policy: the New Normal?
Windows 10 Home Updates To Be Automatic and Mandatory
Windows 10 Shares Your Wi-Fi Password With Contacts
Windows 10 may Violate European Privacy Laws
Windows 10: Microsoft under attack over privacy
Pushing users to switch to windows 10
Windows 10 Upgrade Reportedly Starting Automatically On Windows 7 PCs
Windows 10 Now a 'Recommended Update' For Windows 7 and 8.1 Users
'Get Windows 10' Turns Itself On and Nags Win 7 and 8.1 Users Twice a Day
Microsoft Is Downloading Windows 10 Without Asking
Misuse/problems with windows 10 patches
Windows 10 Now Showing Full Screen Ads On Lock Screen
Another Windows 10 Update Causing Problems
Windows 10 Forced Update Resets Default Apps To Microsoft Products
Patch Tuesday Brought Windows 10 Ad Generator
Windows 10 Fall Update Uninstalls Desktop Software Without Informing Users
Microsoft Now Uses Windows 10's Start Menu To Display Ads
Broken Windows 10 Update Causes Reboot Loops For Some Users
Windows 10's Automatic Updates For NVidia Drivers Causing Trouble
Microsoft adds 'non-security updates' to security patches
Microsoft will explain only 'significant' Windows 10 updates
Microsoft quits giving us the silent treatment on Windows 10 updates (from saying nothing to being vague as hell)
Microsoft Unhappy With Beta Testers, Demands Answers
Underground Piracy Sites Want To Block Windows 10 Users
In Windows 10, Ad-Free Solitaire Will Cost You $10 -- Every Year
Windows 10 May Punt You From Playing Pirated Games (app store games, not proper games) Mrsnooze (talk) 08:15, 19 March 2016 (EDT)


Should we really have activation keys / a guide to pirate wangblows here?

— Galactus (talk) 10:11, 20 April 2016 (EDT)

Nope. Don't encourage breaking the ruleslaw.  Morpheus talk 13:47, 20 April 2016 (EDT)
Thought as much. No idea how it stayed here for so long. Removing. — Galactus (talk) 04:17, 21 April 2016 (EDT)


Why were the sections involving how to get a crack tool removed? --Se7en (talk) 01:13, 22 April 2016 (EDT)

Because of the previous Talk topic. Why would we even have that here? Besides, no one should be encouraged to install Windows 10. Piracy is the reason why it's still so popular. — Galactus (talk) 07:37, 22 April 2016 (EDT)