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If you have any questions, feel free to reply. I may not be available. But if I come across it in the future (possibly distant future) I will try and get back to you. Hopefully Helpful!


Quit that shit you childish prick. — Galactus (talk) 09:12, 2 February 2017 (EST)


Your account has been banned indefinitely for vandalizing InstallGentoo Wiki:General disclaimer. While your feud with User:Galactus can be really done somewhere else in the talkpage and you don't need to move the whole fucking page for Windows 10, you're taking it too far by changing the official page. Thank fuck I protected some of the important stuff from editing.

As for your "concern" that the page somehow does not comply with IG:NEUTRAL, my personal assessment indicated otherwise.

 Morpheus talk 13:43, 4 February 2017 (EST)