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Tech News Sites

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News Aggregators

  • DistroWatchLinux distro release news and a weekly newsletter. Also has a decent list of Linux/open source focused podcasts.
  • Slashdot — As old as the internet, has changed hands too many times to count and is run by idiots. However the community that visits/comments on the articles are top notch.
  • SoylentNews — A fork of Slashdot from early 2014 (the infamous "Slashdot Beta" era). Good, but much smaller community.

Written Articles

  • ArsTechnica — Decent writers on staff. Covers all things tech. Sometimes may be biased when talking about Linux, that's why it's called ArseTechnica sometimes.
  • EFF — Legal issues and open internet news.
  • Phoronix — Free and open-source software news, benchmarks, and more!
  • TechDirt — Focuses more on legal and copyright issues than general technology.
  • The Register — Important stories reported with a loose feel. The security section is particularly fun.
  • TorrentFreak — Focus on torrent and copyright issues. If your tracker is down, these guys will know why.
  • Wired — More consumerist than ArsTechnica and falling towards clickbait headlines as of 2015. Good security section.


  • Going Linux — Biweekly beginner linux podcast which takes it's time and lives on listener feedback.
  • Jupiter Broadcasting — A podcasting network with several excellent tech related shows.
  • Risky Business — Weekly infosec podcast featuring security news, feature interviews and a sponsored interview.