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The following is a list on projects and software made by /g/entoomans.


Title Type Language License Website Description
Tox Library C GPLv3 https://github.com/irungentoo/ProjectTox-Core/ Secure P2P messenger library & client.

gTorrent Desktop Program C++ ? https://github.com/gtorrent/gtorrent Multi-platform torrent client (aka uTorrent Killer)

Zombie shooter Game Java GPL https://github.com/packetpirate/Generic-Zombie-Shooter Generic Zombie Shooter is a simple overhead shooter game.

Gentils Core Utils C MIT https://github.com/danielgweb/gentils
/g/ rewrite of the GNU core utils.

JackOS OS N/A ? http://sourceforge.net/projects/jackos/ ?

Picture Sorter Desktop program C# None. https://github.com/diantahoc/picture-sorter Image sorting program with automatic color sorting feature.

Chanb Web software. C# GPLv2. https://github.com/diantahoc/chanb ASP.NET image board.

DelayClose Desktop program C# ? https://github.com/tux3/DelayClose 4chan spammer.

(/g/pl lang interpreter) Interpreter C# ? https://github.com/nandykins/-g-pl /g/ programming language interpreter.

ACT User-script ECMAScript ? http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/176848 Enhancement for /g/ code tags.

markdown to html Utility Python ? https://github.com/Battleroid/drunken-wight Made to turn set of static files from markdown to HTML and then make a static website with it.

units Library Haskell ? http://hub.darcs.net/nand/units Calculations with type-safe physical units

Letter counter Utility C ? https://github.com/Lanira/Counter/tree/master Letter counter

brainfuck interpreter Interpreter Haskell ? http://hub.darcs.net/nand/brainfuck brainfuck interpreter

pong game Game Haskell ? https://github.com/ekmett/lens/blob/master/examples/Pong.hs A simple game of pong using gloss. (Note: has been modified/improved on by others)

Peer-to-peer chat client Chat program Haskell GPLv3 https://github.com/nandykins/p2p-chat Peer-to-peer chat client (Note: It's awful, and the crypto used is not secure.)

STG -> C# compiler Compiler Haskell GPLv3 http://hub.darcs.net/nand/compilers/browse/STG

Text adventure game engine Game engine ? ? http://www.mediafire.com/file/1mlmjwhxtwz/examplepasta.rar

Host-As-Image Script Shell BSD https://github.com/notuncivil/host-as-image Scripts to use image hosts for general file hosting.

RPN calculator with pretty errors Calculator Haskell ? http://bpaste.net/show/127768/

Manga Organizer Desktop program C# ? http://nagru.github.io/Manga-Organizer/ This program provides tagging, searching and other basic management tools for manga. It is intended as a companion to the E-Hentai website, and optimally functions with directory names formatted as "[Artist] Title".

AniWrap Library C# ? https://github.com/diantahoc/AniWrap C# .NET library for 4chan. It can post, report, delete and fetch posts.

Epic Pen Desktop program C# MIT http://sourceforge.net/projects/epicpen/files/ A windows tool for drawing over your desktop and applications.

Sandwich Desktop program C# ? https://github.com/diantahoc/Sandwich 4chan desktop client for windows.

ChanArchiver Desktop program C# GPLv2 https://github.com/diantahoc/chan-archiver Personal archive program for 4chan.

Livechan Website Javascript/HTML/CSS ? https://github.com/emgram769/live4chan Imageboard powered by websockets

bhottu IRC Bot Python/MySQL ? https://github.com/gentoomen/bhottu Modular IRC Bot communally developed by people from #/g/sicp on Rizon (named SICPBot on the channel)

Nimdok IRC Bot Python/SQLite GPL https://github.com/Mechazawa/Nimdok Modular IRC Bot communally developed by people from #/g/sicp on Rizon (named Nimdok on the channel)

WebMCam Desktop software C# GPLv3 https://github.com/TheTarkus/WebMCam/ WebM desktop recorder. Like (GIF Cam) or LICEcap but for WebM.

The following is made by one person, who posted this in a post on /g/.

  • A tiny terminal based off vte, just wrapping it with pretty much no functionality - since the other vte wrappers were so bloated: http://bpaste.net/show/127774/ (I use rxvt-unicode again though since vte is slow as molasses.)
  • A small server to proxy TCP connections over WebSockets, written to try and bypass a school proxy. I eventually realized OpenVPN has this built-in.

Server: http://bpaste.net/show/127776/ Client: http://bpaste.net/show/127777/

The following project were mentioned on /g/ but no additional info was provided

  • Sono Hanabira games for android - ?
  • loli farm - ?
  • space shooter game - ?
  • hydrocarbons namer (3d modeler) - ?
  • space shooter (in winapi) - ?
  • racing game with 360 degree vision - ?


Projects for N00bz

Some fa/g/s created a list of projects you can do to sharpen your programming skills.

You should probably do some of these.