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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (or MIT) is a Technological institute in the United States, most notable for alumni Richard Stallman, where he created The GNU Project and The Free Software Foundation.


Previously, MIT was highly recommended and praised as a good tech university for persons entering an IT Job. However, people have stopped recommending MIT due to the 2013 Controversy with Aaron Swartz. In 2012, Aaron (a student) was found downloading large amounts of academic documents from a proprietary service leased to MIT. Aaron, a student, would be allowed to both view and download files from the service's database. Aaron downloaded over 50,000 files an hour, creating over 6 Teribytes of storage data. Nothing of what he did was considered unlawful. However, he was arrested by the MIT Campus Police after being illegally surveyed, and was incarcerated. After a large number of false charges, nonsense crimes, etc. Aaron committed suicide. MIT has come under much controversy for this, as they made no effort to stop the lawsuit.

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