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IT Job

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An IT Job is any job in the Technological Industry. Many people in the United States choose to work at Red Hat rather than attend a College, due to the fact that American Technological Universities are shit, teach nonsense, use proprietary software, teach using GUIs designed to teach young children Java, and have never heard of Vim, Emacs, or UNIX itself. MIT was once considered the only decent choice in the United States, however, since Aaron Swartz's illegal incarceration which led to his suicide, MIT is considered to no longer be a good place to get too. Instead of attending a tech university, it is recommended to rather become certified in your choice of study.


  • Red Hat provides a certification that you would need to work there. This certification is judged on your use on their own system, "Redhat Enterprise Linux".
  • There are various certification programs for HTML.
  • Try to get certified in C. it looks good, is useful to learn, etc. Just don't do it through Google's certification program.
  • If you want to get in computer repair then get the comptia A+ certificate

What next?

After you get your certification, you add it to your resume, and attempt to get a job like anyone else, except now you have credentials!