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Questionable software

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A list of terrible software, which should be avoided:


As a result of security problems, both Firefox[1] and Chrome block the plugin by default.

Java sacrifices a lot for platform independence, most notably memory-efficiency. This is not true and a simple google search can tell you otherwise. The only extra memory load from java is the memory needed for a base JVM, which on normal applications is around 20-30mb. This is the origin of many false rumors and accusations of java beings slow. These used to be true, back before around 2005. The JVM has made significant strides since then. The JIT (Just in time) compilation in java optimizes your java code, and most of the time it is as fast as native code, and in native code, you have to make those optimizations yourself.

It is up to you if you want to use java or not, but please stop spreading these false rumors.

  • Note that you should still have java set to not run on web pages without your permission, and of course only run it on web sites you trust.


Microsoft records everything that goes through it, EVERYTING.

Takes large amounts of resources and is very slow. Sending files is very slow and videos are low quality probably because of all the analysis microsoft/NSA does on them.

Use Tox when it comes out instead.