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* Terminal    : rTorrent, Deluge-Console, Transmission-CLI
* Terminal    : rTorrent, Deluge-Console, Transmission-CLI
===Web Browsers===
===[[Browsers | Web Browsers]]===
* Recommended : [[Firefox]], Chromium, Iceweasel, Opera, Midori
* Recommended : [[Firefox]], Chromium, Iceweasel, Opera, Midori
* Minimalistic: luakit, surf, uzbl
* Minimalistic: luakit, surf, uzbl

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Video Players

  • Recommended
  • Minimalistic

Audio Players

  • Recommended : Guayadeque, gmusicbrowser, Banshee, Rhythmbox, Quod Libet, Clementine
  • Minimalistic: DeaDBeeF, mpDris2
  • Terminal  : mpd+ncmpcpp, cmus, VLC, moc

Torrent Clients

  • Recommended : Deluge, KTorrent, qBittorrent, Tixati
  • Minimalistic: Transmission-gtk, ruTorrent
  • Terminal  : rTorrent, Deluge-Console, Transmission-CLI

Web Browsers

  • Recommended : Firefox, Chromium, Iceweasel, Opera, Midori
  • Minimalistic: luakit, surf, uzbl
  • Terminal  : ELinks, Lynx, w3m
  • Full botnet : Chrome, Internet Explorer, Rockmelt

Email Clients

  • Recommended : Thunderbird, Evolution, Claws Mail
  • Terminal  : Mutt

Programming Text Editors

  • Recommended : gVim, Emacs, gedit, Kate, Acme
  • Terminal  : Vim, Emacs, nano, ed

File Managers

  • Recommended : Dolphin, Nemo, Nautilus
  • Minimalistic: SpaceFM, PCManFM, Thunar
  • Terminal  : Ranger, Midnight Commander, Vifm

Terminal Emulators

  • Recommended  : Konsole, Terminology, Guake, Yakuake, Terminator, GNOME-Terminal
  • Minimalistic  : termite, Sakura, urxvt, evilvte, LXTerminal, xfce4-terminal, xterm
  • Terminal (multiplexer): tmux

Image Viewers

  • Recommended : Gwenview, XnView MP, Picasa, gThumb, Viewnior
  • Minimalistic: Geeqie, feh
  • Framebuffer : fbv, fim, jfbview


  • Image : GIMP, Inkscape, Krita, KolourPaint
  • 3D  : Maya, Blender
  • Audio : LMMS, Ardour, Audacity
  • Video : Kdenlive

IRC Clients

  • Recommended: HexChat
  • Terminal: Irssi, WeeChat


  • Recommended : Mumble, Teamspeak(non-free)

Game Console Emulators

     Atari - Hatari, Stella, Atari++, atari800
     NES           - Higan, Nestopia, FCEUX, TuxNES, Termboy (terminal), Mednafen
     SNES          - Higan, Snes9x, ZSNES, Mednafen
     N64           - Mupen64Plus, CuteMupen, CEN64
     Gamecube      - Dolphin
     Wii           - Dolphin
     Virtual Boy   - Reality Boy
     Game Boy      - Higan, Gambatte, Mednafen
     Game Boy Color- VBA-M, Higan, Gambatte, Mednafen
     GBA           - VBA-M, Higano, Mednafen
     DS            - DeSmuME
     Playstation - PCSXR, ePSXe, psx, Mednafen
     PS2         - PCSX2
     PSP         - PPSSPP
     Sega Master System - Kega-Fusion, Osmose, Dega
     Sega Mega Drive    - Kega-Fusion, Regen, Generator, DGen, Mednafen
     Sega Genesis       - Kega-Fusion, Gens/GS, Gens, Regen, Generator, DGen, Mednafen
     Sega CD            - Kega-Fusion, Gens/GS, Gens
     Sega Saturn        - Yabause
     Sega Dreamcast     - lxdream
     Sega Game Gear     - Kega-Fusion, Osmose, Dega, Mednafen
     DOS - DOSBox



Complete list of steam games for linux

  • Major - Left 4 Dead 2, Portal, Half Life, Half Life 2, Counterstrike, Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, Dota 2, Metro 2033, Metro Last Light
  • Other - Kerbal Space Program, Starbound, Pixel Piracy, Rogue Legacy, Prison Architect, Rust, Beat Hazard, Faster Than Light, Dungeons of Dredmore



Video Players

Audio Players

  • foobar2000 - freeware; lightweight and customizable
  • MusicBee - freeware; customizable and powerful

PDF Readers

Image Viewer

Image Editor

Video Converter

Audio Editor

Office Suite

Text Editor

Hex Editor



Disk Burning

Virtual CD/DVD Drive





File Recovery

Computer Specs

Virtual Machine


Package Managers