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This article is about the term "botnet" as used on /g/ and /tech/. For the more serious description, refer to Botnet (Computer Network).

Google Fiber.png

On technology image boards like /g/ and /tech/, a botnet is anything that might use you and your information for advertising, data mining or surveillance. Unlike a real botnet, your computer isn't necessarily enslaved to do evil bidding over the Internet, rather you are the slave.

If you are on the Internet, there are chances that you may be participating in a botnet. Products and firms like Google and Ubuntu are popularly referred to as botnets.

Any piece of Closed-source software can potentially be a botnet due to the fact that it is hard to know and understand what it does and how it does something. This is one of the most important advantages of Freedom free software.

It is suggested that one should attempt to use as many community-based and free and open source services and software as possible.

List of Botnets

  • Google
    • Chrome, see relevant picture on page. Also:
      • Omnibox can't be disabled
      • Encourages you tie in your web browsing history and other things to your Google account
      • Can't disable browsing history
    • Search profiling
    • Youtube-Google+ debacle
  • Ubuntu
    • Includes Amazon profiling spyware, which however can be deleted.
  • Intel
    • vPro
    • Management Engine
    • Intel Anti-Theft
  • CompuTrace
  • Apple
    • Tracking controversy
  • Microsoft
  • Facebook
  • 4chan
  • Possibly 8chan, rumors of Fed spying are going on.