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Web browsers

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There are many great web browsers to choose from, and many different ways of viewing the web, from text-only to 3D rendered pages. The preferred one right now is Firefox without Australis or whatever BS name they come up with.

Major Browsers

Seamonkey is a derivative of the classic Netscape Communicator internet suite. Ever since Opera betrayed its users with V13.0 and up, many users have migrated to Seamonkey. With Firefox's introduction of Australis and the abandonment of customisation, Seamonkey takes the crown as the most customisable browser in the world, and due to it sharing the Gecko engine with Firefox, can even run Firefox addons. Free software.

Firefox is historically known for being the most compatible, stable, and customizable browser available, but some of those points have been challenged in recent times, such as with Australis. Firefox is by far the most customizable browser, and is generally considered to have better plugins. Free software.

Chrome, developed by Google, is an upstart competitor of Firefox. It tends to be more stable and seem much faster, but that is mainly due to the fact that it renders UI and webpages separately. In exchange, you are joining a botnet in which all of your information is beamed directly back to Google. Speed between firefox and chrome is not something to worry about as both perform different in different situations and both can be equally fast. It used to have issues with customization, but that has been reduced in recent times. In recent times there have been outbreaks of extensions that have malware or track you for their own benefit, but if you have common sense then that shouldn't be much of a problem. Well known to send a lot more data than necessary back to google, allowing them to track you endlessly. Chrome is locked into Google, as it persuades you to log in your Google account to your Chrome. Also, there are several menus for Google's services inside Chrome. Non-free software, but based on Chromium (free software).

Opera is one of the oldest browsers still developed, and comes with many useful features right out of the box. It looks great and performs well, and is well known for its standardization of web protocols and completion of tests. Recent updates have made it a shit clone of Chrome. Used to have its own Presto engine, but since 13.x version is now using WebKit which means its just a skin for chrome and has been shit ever since.

>implying Opera was ever good

Non-free software

Niggernet Wangblows Exploder, or IE, is a demon hell-spawn that uses Trident to try to be a unique speshal snoflack by advertising with a waifu named Inori Aiwaza. Developed by a crack-team of apes straight out of compton otherwise known as Microsoft, there are many better alternatives, including death. Non-free software.

Recommended User Scripts

  • ViewTube - Replaces flash video players with HTML5.

Other / Hipster Browsers

  • Chromium, the open-source project Chrome is based on.
  • Midori, minimal WebKit browser
  • rekonq, WebKit browser with Qt interface
  • Konqueror, KHTML browser and file manager
  • uzbl, Minimalistic browser that follows the UNIX philosophy
  • luakit, Highly configurable minimalistic browser
  • Iceweasel - A rebranded version of Firefox by the Debian project, due to Firefox artwork being non-free. Therefore, Iceweasel is even more free than Firefox, but is mostly only easily available if you run Debian.
  • SRware Iron, think Chrome but with less tracking and more security
  • NetSurf, small light and fast, also, barely any website works properly - what else could you ever need?
  • K-Meleon, Open-source GPL licensed web browser based upon Mozilla's Gecko engine. Old as fuck now, but works well on older versions of Windows (Win2K/ME/98 etc.) and better than using IE.
  • Otter, a project aiming to recreate the Opera 12 GUI/features in QT5. Open/Libre software