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Hydrus Network

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Hydrus Network is a free file-organization application for Linux, Windows and MacOS. The software is licensed under the WTFPL, Version 2.

Just as you cannot fit the universe into narrow categories, you cannot fit files into narrow folders and expect to get a wholly descriptive result. For a hierarchical structure breaks down when a file belongs in two places at once.

Hydrus solves this dilemma with tags and tag parents. This is a great solution for "loose" files which cannot be easily categorized in one place. However, there is no reason why you cannot use Hydrus to organize most of your multimedia library. Some people have even imported their music collection.

There is a Public Tag Repository you can sync with to auto-tag anything represented in its 100+ million mappings. You can also contribute to the PTR with your own mappings, but please follow the Public Tag Schema. Most of the PTR mappings were automatically generated from booru tags.

Hydrus can connect to an IPFS daemon to send and receive files. For example, you can tell Hydrus to download the multihash QmP6BNvWfkNf74bY3q1ohtDZ9gAmss4LAjuFhqpDPQNm1S. This will download the file from anyone who has it (or its blocks) pinned, whether they are using Hydrus or not. You can download the PTR via IPFS if you wish, and even outdated versions will suffice.

Hydrus can do a little more. It's also an image scraper tool that works with imgur, boorus, tumblr, 4chan/8chan and more. You can also "subscribe" to these which tells Hydrus to fetch the latest content every so often.

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