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List of Comfy Websites

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4chan regulars often ask for recommendations for 'comfy' websites. Now that the consolidations are mostly over, smaller and niche sites are almost impossible to find and are actively suppressed by the ruling corps. For instance, Google will do its best to bury the InstallGentoo Wiki and Neocities in it's search results, as well as Encyclopedia Dramatica, but that's probably fair.

S-tier Websites

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Cooking websites

Comfy Pictureboards


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From https://pastebin.com/BSeztxhF:

  • https://awesomelists.top - the awesome lists are pretty cool. turned into an entire subculture there's an "awesome list" for pretty much anything technical now. here's a search engine website for them, idk if its updated anymore though
  • https://docs.rsshub.app/en/ - provides RSS feeds for a lot of websites that dont offer them natively:
  • https://useful-forks.github.io - helps you find real forks of a github repo by filtering and sorting by stars (why github doesn't provide this by default is beyond me)
  • https://haveibeenpwned.com/ - its a database of leaks, type your email in the prompt and it will tell you if your password is secure
  • https://goblin.tools: is a collection of small, simple, single-task tools, mostly designed to help retards be less retarded
  • https://basedsites.neocities.org - a list like this
  • http://www.oldversion.com - Old binaries
  • https://www.irasutoya.com/ - Japanese clip art done by one guy. Since it's all by one person, the art style is consistent. Totally free to use, I think he only asks payment if you use more than 20 images, which is more than enough for most projects.
  • zoom.earth - weather radar
  • https://sites.lainx.org/ - a list like this

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Making your Own Comfy Website

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