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NeXTSTEP (also stylized as NeXTstep, NeXTStep, and NEXTSTEP[1]) is an object-oriented, multitasking operating system which was developed by NeXT Computer to run on its range of proprietary workstation computers, such as the NeXTcube.

Major Features and Subsystems

  • It is a true Unix operating system based on the Mach kernel, using also source code from BSD
  • Has the ability to display PostScript and a proprietary windowing engine
  • Pioneered the Objective-C language and runtime
  • By default uses an object-oriented (OO) application layer, including several "kits"
  • Also includes development tools for the OO layers


Today, many of the features that NeXTSTEP once boasted have been absorbed into Mac OS X, such as the NS Framework which lives on as the Carbon framework, as well as OS X's preference for Obj-C as a default language in desktop development. A Free alternative has been made: GNUStep.