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Privacy friendly frontends

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Many open-source front-ends exist to most Tech services. Here's a handy table documenting quite a few:

Service Frontend
4chan 4ch,4chsu
Twitter Nitter (currently partially functional because of Elon's rate limiting), see other instances [1], [2]
Twitch Twitchls
Youtube Invidious,Piped
Google Searx, LibreY, 4get, Whoogle Search
Instagram Bibliogram (discontinued), GreatFon (limited functionality), Picuki
Google Maps OpenStreetMaps
Google Translate SimplyTranslate,Lingva,LibreTranslate
Medium Scribe LibMedium
Reddit Teddit,Libreddit
Imgur Rimgo
TikTok ProxiTok
Quora Quetre
Subscribering RSS-Bridge
Fandom BreezeWiki
Github GotHub
Wayback Machine Wayback Classic
StackOverflow AnonymousOverflow
Odysee Librarian (fork of the original project)
Wikipedia Wikiless (mirror of the original project)
pixiv freexiv
Bandcamp Tent
Pinterest Binternet

Redirecting automatically

It is possible to redirect to these sites automatically. To do that, you can use the libredirect extension, or the Redirector extension. The Redirector extension can accept rules for other sites (i.e. redirect 4chan.org/g/ to 4chan.org/g/catalog).

External Links

The Simple Web Project - Frontend projects.

PussTheCat - access to open source services that are focused on privacy and video games servers.

Awesome Alternative Frontends - Github Awesome list for alternative frontends.