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Red Star OS

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"An image showing RedstarOS 3"
A screenshot of Redstar OS v3. While this is the most recently released version (that we know of), Redstar OS v1 remains the most popular in use

Red Star OS (Template:Ko-hhrm) is a GNU/Linux distribution created by the government of the DPRK (North Korea). it was first developed in 1998. It is based on Fedora 11. It used a modified form of KDE designed to emulate MacOS. Previous versions emulated Windows XP. A CD of the distribution reportedly costs the equivilent of USD $ 0.25. A version for Android phones exists.


Modified version of Firefox (named Naenara) which has multiple telemetry features for the DPRK government. Other software includes a text editor, an office suite, an e-mail client, audio and video players, and video games. Version 3, like its predecessors, runs Wine, a piece of software that allows Windows programs to be run under Linux.