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Spaghetti code

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Surprisingly not originating from our mutual hole's wonderful mey-mey, spaghetti code (incredibly similar to the concept of Pajeetism), is incomprehensible, convoluted and altogether unnecessary code. It is often the product of Code Monkeys using languages like Python.

Imagine yourself in front of a plate of spaghetti, noodles and sauce in every which direction. Now imagine that each end of the spaghetti has relative data on its corresponding end. Now begin to trace each individual noodle and understand what is happening with the data. It's a nearly impossible task and proves why spaghetti code should be avoided at all times.

If you are a wage slave working in an office environment, you might end up having coworkers who write spaghetti code. It can be a huge challenge trying to get people to change their ways because:

  • They will become defensive if you "criticize" their code, and stubbornly ignore any standards;
  • They will feel threatened if other people can maintain their code—a lot of people write spaghetti code for themselves so only they can maintain it, which secures them their job;
  • They are Indian;
  • The company is profitable, and because of that nothing needs to be changed;
  • The manager knows what is best, and the higher ups trust them.

Working at a company with good coding standards can make your office hours a lot more tolerable and sets an environment where everyone can learn from each other. Without standards you will end up drinking three pots of coffee everyday and crying in your car on the way home.