We are still actively working on the spam issue.


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Spam is a form of unwanted communication with the intention of disrupting normal activities. Spam is not free speech and is considered Illegal under the Law of the United States where this Wiki is hosted.

Throughout this Wiki's existance, it has been victim of large amounts of spam attacks for unknown reasons. It seems people simply do not like having a folk-wiki for spreading knowledge about technology. These spam attacks include Marcov Bots posting unintelligible Pseudo-English, articles from unknown sources regarding dentistry and the cosmetic treatment of varicous (and spider) veins, and accounts moving pages (for example moving GNU/Linux to GNU/Linux on Wheels on Wheels on Wheels...).

Despite the few who still contribute to this wiki, the administration has long-ago abandoned it. As such, spam is not readily tackled and there are no IP bans or account bans. The site-wide notice "We are still actively working on the spam issue" has been there since 2015.

What you can do to help!

While some things are outside of the general user's ability, you do have the ability to help clean and maintain the wiki. Everytime you see an article that is obvious spam, delete the entire article (a process known as blanking) and replace it with the template text {{delete|spam}}. This will remove the article's text, put it in the deletion category (for the day that He returns), and will show that it is spam to general users.

After you do this, find the user who published the article, and put on their userpage {{delete|spam}} as well. This will do the same and will allow a collection of spam accounts to build up on the deletion category.

You can also find more spam pages to do this to by looking at spam user's contributions.

It is very important to blank the page because this prevents the page from coming back in search results (with the exception of the words in the page title, of course).