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Talk:List of recommended cross-platform software

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This Page is Not Needed

I went through and made sure everything that was on this page is now included on each of the Windows/GNU+Linux/OSX (where applicable) recommended software pages.

It makes no sense to have a dedicated cross-platform page, since everything on it will be duplicated on each individual OS page. If users want to check if software is cross platform they can simply compare the Windows, OSX and GNU/Linux recommended software pages to see if it is included on more than one.

Furthermore, some software is only partially cross platform (i.e. works with Windows and GNU/Linux but not OSX or works with OSX and GNU/Linux but not Windows). Having a criteria like "it must work with at least Windows, OSX and GNU+Linux to be included on this page" would leave out iOS, Android and other operating systems too. Ebay (talk) 18:02, 28 May 2015 (EDT)