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Cleanup tag

So the cleanup tag is on this article. I'm willing to rewrite the article from scratch, but I'd prefer to know what, specifically, is disliked about the current article.

For reference, I'd write an article about:

  • Common tracker sites (KAT, TPB, nyaa).
  • Countermeasures against sue-happy copyright trolls (blocklists, vpns) and common pitfalls (proxies, tor).
  • How to create a torrent (via transmission), listing open trackers.
  • How to seed a trackerless torrent via DHT.
  • Deciphering torrent comments on KAT/TPB between morons/trolls/true information.
  • How to find further goodies once you're torrented something awesome (last.fm similar artists, mobygames).
  • Why private trackers are bullshit.
  • Why you shouldn't create a KAT/anything account.
  • Checking for malware.
  • Torrenting via i2p.