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What about these Routers?

TP-Link TL-WDR3600


TP-Link Archer C7 (v2)


I think they are fine, except for /g/ is also interested in routers that can have easily replaceable firmwares

- Netgear: The 3600 has several hardware revisions that makes it dicey to install custom firmwares. The 3800 has only one version so it's probably a better candidate.

- TPLINK - C7 v2 seems good.

If you want to add that, go ahead. Remember to sign your post/comments in a talk page next time.  Morpheus talk 10:34, 23 December 2016 (EST)

What is a router?

The original author(s) of the introduction seemed a bit confused about this topic. In general, a router is a network device operating at layer 3 of the OSI model which enables packets sent from one network to reach a different network. It acts as the connection point for two or more different networks. Nowadays, network just means 'IPv4 subnet' but it used to be a lot of other things as well, such as in IPX networks or DECnet networks.

In that sense, a 'home router' definitly is a router since it connects your home LAN to your ISP's network.

Cleanup Tag

The cleanup tag doesn't specify a reason, but looking at the page, the following items are probable reasons:

  • The headings are all over the place:
    • Modem is about modems, which many routers include, but a modem description should probably be in the introduction to the article?
    • Bridge Mode is worth noting, but should be in some kind of advanced subheading?
    • Aftermarket antennas should be in an advanced subsection.
    • Third party firmwares is the meat of the article.
    • Use a computer as a router should be under some advanced heading.
    • Adblock script is a tiny section, currently specific to a very specific firmware which <5% of readers would use.
    • What routers does /g/ recommend? is important but out of date.

MrSnooze's cleanup idea

So this article should really be about:

  • What firmware a /g/entooman should aim to run.
  • What hardware a /g/entooman should buy (which supports that firmware).

The Modem and Bridge Mode info could be included in the initial article info (i.e. most routers have a modem too, and the modem/router provided by your isp should probably be put into bridge mode).

Then a talk about firmwares (openwrt, ddwrt, etc).

Then the devices that can run these firmwares (/g/ recommended routers, pc as router)

And appropriate subheadings about aftermarket antennas and adblocking.