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Tesla is a shilled EV car company bought by normie tech god Elon Musk. Used to be System76 on wheels, It's all Apple motors now.

The Good Era

Tesla Used to be System76 on wheels. They've made their cars to appeal more to your average /g/entooman than a soyjak thanks to them using Uwubuntu and other GNU/Linux utils in the system (Le Coreboot included). At first they've released the roadster, An electrified version of a lotus. This car was responsible of restoring coosomer interest in Full EV's spite being very expensive. Now with funding, they went to make "Whitestar" aka the Model S aka a full EV version of the Mercedes Benz CB4. It was a HIT being vastly cheaper than the roadster and even some Oil cars for what it offered. The Range was good, and the company even deployed Fast chargers to help you when you're stuck. Needless to say, At 2015, EV's were back from the dead thank to them. And then came the Model 3. This was the car they've wanted to make. It was affordable, It had good range compared to any other EV at the time, And everyone and their grandma bought one.

This is their glory days It's all Downward spiral from here

Autopilot and Tesla's PR

Tesla released all the way back in 2014 the first version of what will be dubbed as "Autopilot", their driver assist software, programmed by Then-israeli company Mobileye. Even back then the system was heavily criticised for not taking proper proper steps to ensure the driver is still paying attention to the road, resulting in Mobileye cutting connections with the company in 2015, But Tesla was determined. The Model 3/Y were designed to depend on their cruise-control feature and Autosteer (Tesla removed pretty much every button from the car), Resulting in many accidents all over the US, Europe, Canada etc. Almost every nation besides the US banned the use of the System and for good reasons, as it's still "BETA for the masses". Tesla promised to deliver Full-Self Driving in 2019 And they've failed to do that due to the fact that they refuse to make their cars suitable for actual Full-Self Driving, The Intel Atom thingy ain't gonna cut it, and yet the media and their reddit cult believes it's a Quantum PC on wheels.

Elon's PR strategy is the cause. He told to the media that Tesla had Full-Self Driving tech inside the car, While in reality the car was nowhere near to drive itself. Their consumers defended the company on social media, And repeated Elon's false saying that "We just need regulation for Full-Self Driving cars", Which resulted in Elon's getting rid of Tesla's PR department. Tesla was also the one company to heavily popularizing the Quantum PC meme with Elon saying it would destroy humanity, spreading misinformation even further.

This days it is fair to say the company cares more about brainlet redditors than a random /g/ user.