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CFAH CBD Review Websites Telling Parents the Truth About CBD

CFAH is the go-to source for reliable, accessible, and timely CBD and medical marijuana news. Perhaps you're wondering, are all the CFAH CBD reviews and rating sites all "just sales pitches?" It seems that some of them are but not all, so be careful. But, having said that, I can say that some of them are. Let's take a look at my personal experience as a CFAH expert CBD reviewer and author.

My first two favorite CFAH review websites (RoyalCBD and GoldBee) did a great job of informing me about this popular new natural medicine. After that I looked around for other CBD reviews and ratings online. Some of those other websites I found were sales pitches masquerading as independent reviews. There are even websites that allow you to sign up and pay to be a CFAH expert CBD reviewer! If that is not independent, then I don't know what is.

A few days later I was sent two emails: one from a company that manufactures CBD products and one from a company that sells CBD products. The email from the company that makes CBD products had a number of positive reviews, including one from me, regarding their line of "CBD Plus Energy". The email from the company selling CBD products had a couple of very glowing reviews, one from me and one from a medical researcher. I looked at the reviews and was impressed with the quality of both the CBD products reviews and the CBD reviews and rating. I am a huge fan of CBD, so it was pretty obvious which product I was going with.

So what made the difference between the two sets of information? The first thing that made the difference was that the CBD reviews were all from independent sources. There were no sales pitches in the reviews, no company names, no personal information, just professional information from individuals who had actually tried the product. From that point on, I wanted to learn more about these CBD review websites. I was also interested in finding out whether or not the sites that I had found that giving the CBD products a positive review were telling the truth.

A few hours after I clicked off my computer and logged onto the first CFAH review website, I started to read. What I found was that there are actually a handful of sites that have hundreds of expert reviewers that give an honest review of CBD products. I also noticed that most of the products that were being reviewed were being distributed by medical research facilities. This raised some eyebrows since we have always heard that most prescription medications and pharmaceutical drugs are given through medical research facilities, but it didn't appear that CBD is such a product. After doing more research, I realized that this information must be coming from a very small group of people that know and understand how to use the CBD in question.

From what I have discovered, independent review sites seem to have a much higher success rate with parents buying CBD. In my next article, I will compare CFAH to many other popular pharmaceuticals that are heavily advertised and endorsed by celebrities and multi-million dollar companies. Until then, I encourage parents to look for unbiased, third-party, expert reviews that are not sponsored by any company, especially in the health care industry. The people that write these reviews truly do care about helping parents make the right decision about their child.