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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a 2003 first-person shooter video game, released as free software under GPLv3 in 2010; it is available on Windows and any GNU/Linux distro.

GNU/Linux Installation

You'll probably need 32-bit libraries if you are going to install ET on a 64 bit system. If you are using a Debian-based distro, running:

# dpkg --add-architecture i386


# aptitude update

should ready your system. Download the installer, and make sure it's executable:

$ chmod +x et-linux*

Run it as root:

# ./et-linux-2.60.x86.run

If you intend to place ET in a location available to all users (the default is /usr/local/games).

ET may also be available through your package manager as "enemy-territory", and this usually works.

If you are using GNU/Linux, you will encounter sound problems unless you are using OSS. Download et-sdl-sound (there's a nice one-liner you can run to get it working fast). To use this, you need libSDL 32-bit version, which is available on Debian (after adding i386 arch) as libsdl1.2debian:i386. If you use Pulseaudio, you may have to modify the driver variable that's set in et-sdl-sound. Use et-sdl-sound to launch ET now, but don't replace the actual ET binary with it.

It's probably also a good idea to update ET to the latest version (also the version the /g/ server is using). The update comes in the form of two binaries (et and etded) which you must move to the directory that contains the 2.60 versions of et and etded.

Windows users should not have a problem with sound.


You can visit Splashdamage for official downloads (which also includes patches with the instalaltion)


The /g/ server (hosted in the US) is open for testing at IP:, additionally you can use et.destaps.com to connect. version 2.60b. Currently, the server runs Silent mod (for admin controls) but runs only original maps. You can connect from the command line with /path/to/ET +connect

You can see who is on the server, the current map and other information through the Trackbase game tracker.


There is also this fork.


We are currently using an IRC channel to stay together and to be organized.

irc.installgentoo.com #wolfet