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The ZeroNet Logo

ZeroNet (or ZeroNetwork) is a free and open source program that connects the user who runs it to the ZeroNet network. ZeroNet is licensed under GPL version 2.0.[1]
ZeroNet aims to bring a "free and uncensored"[2] internet to everyone. It is written in python and is based in Budapest, Hungary. In order to make its decentralized internet, ZeroNet uses bitcoin cryptography to encrypt data and the BitTorrent network in order to host "zites". It is not anonymous by default, but the more seeders to a zite, the more anonymous the seeders get. It can also be used with Tor for more anonymity[3] (although it's probably a bad idea since ZeroNet uses the BitTorrent network).


"An 8chan Post"
A user from /g/ gives an unsavory review of Zeronet, calling it an "Open Source Botnet"

Zeronet gives a UID to every poster, and stores this information in a JSON file. This shows that Zeronet is not anonymous by any means.

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