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An Imageboard is an extension of a web-based Bulletin Board where users post images rather than email threads. While originally exclusively Japanese, moot created the first English-language Imageboard, 4chan in 2003. He was 13 at the time.

Format and Appearance

Imageboards started with plain text posts that could have a single image attached (GIG, PNG or JPG). Over time things have expanded so also animations formats (WEBP) and documents (PDF) can be included, and some also permit more than one file attached to a single post. Files are presented as thumbnails and can be expanded by clicking or mouseover. Files can also be marked as spoilers that require a click to view.

Plain text has also expanded over the year with features such as spoiler tags, code snippets etc.

Use and Culture

Where imageboards differ from most other discussion fora is about what imageboards do not have.

User names: anonymity is the norm and use of names are discouraged.

Voting: a post cannot be voted up or down, but can be reported for violations.

Re-editing: once posted a post can not be edited, but may be deleted by the user.

The essence is that a post will have to stand on its own merits, not propped up by the alleged reputation of the poster. This means 4chan and Reddit are at the very opposite ends of the spectrum, and it shows.

List of Boards

Boards come and go all the time so no list will be entirely complete and up to date. One comprehensive interactive list is available, and also a plain list.


Many imageboards are archived, for more, see the entry on Archives.

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