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Nanochan is an anonymous imageboard only accessible via Tor. It has several boards for you to post on, including a /g/ board. In 2021, Nanochan discontinued its long-running /pol/ board for undisclosed reasons.

The site is semi-abandoned by its current administrator endofunctor, who shows up only every few months. In his absence the site is managed by a dysfunctional team of volunteer moderators, who engage in revert wars over moderation decisions. One volunteer has gone so far as to delete another volunteer's message to the admin [1] (post 34155 on /meta/). Endo kicked the schizo mod last visit; now the site is basically unmoderated, but posting is broken half the time anyway. On multiple occasions the site has gone down for several weeks due to technical issues which only the absentee admin had the power to fix.


These are the Nanochan rules as of Sun 20 Feb 2022 09:43:49 AM UTC:

  1. Cancer will be purged.

These are the Nanochan guidelines as of Sun 20 Feb 2022 09:43:49 AM UTC:

  1. Child pornography is not permitted. Links to child pornography are not permitted either, and neither are links to websites which contain a significant number of direct links to CP.
  2. Flooding is not permitted. We define flooding as posting similar posts more than 3 times per hour, making a thread on a topic for which a thread already exists, or posting in such a way that it significantly changes the composition of a board. Common sense will be utilized.
  3. Usage of outside memes such as pepes or wojacks is prohibited. Common sense will be utilized.
  4. 3DPD porn is prohibited.

These guidelines apply to all boards on nanochan except /b/ and /l/.

  1. Hate towards who people are (such as racism or sexism) or what people are attracted to is prohibited.
  2. Discussion of political topics is prohibited. Common sense will be utilized.
  3. NSFW thread icons are prohibited.

Individual boards may set their own rules which apply to that board, and boards which do not specify their own rules typically follow the board-specific rules of /l/. However, note that the rules stated above apply to everything done on the website.

TLS information

HTTPS is recommended as it allows your browser to use HTTP/2. The SHA256 TLS fingerprint for the current (Sun 20 Feb 2022 09:43:49 AM UTC) v3 address is:

41:E2:7B:BE:85:06:15:B0:B3:AB:CE:D5:38:33:78:7A: E5:B2:7A:79:0E:B1:38:AA:85:1C:95:5B:7F:DC:33:C2

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