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Source for Singapore burglars getting hands cut off?

First of all, thanks User:Echelon1 for the edits!

Wanted to ask you: Out of curiosity, is there a source (news article from last 10 years or so) mentioning the cutting off burglars' hands in Singapore?--Thelismor (talk) 21:38, 10 April 2015 (EDT)


Edited the Australia content to make it more in line with "Note: Please try to stay objective and impartial, avoid political proselytizing".

In particular, "small tits" are not banned in Australia. Complaining about only getting FTTN is unimportant, >m-muh FFTP. No point mentioning web-filtering/censorship if it doesn't happen and has never happened.

2016 Cleanup Time

I think this is a good page to have, and a good page to keep updated.

  • Each criticism/praise for each country should have a date/year attributed to it, so that anons know how far each country's info is out of date.
  • The introductory paragraphs are contradictory ("liberals will always rank Sweden at the top of their list despite being objectively shit" vs "Please try to stay objective and impartial, avoid political proselytizing."
  • I would personally like to see the introduction reworked to include the following points:
    • Anons should be aware of the dates listed for each bullet point.
    • Anons should investigate the links contained within each bullet point incase of biased/opinionated links.
    • If a bullet point is without a date or link, it should be considered subjective.
    • Each anon should decide for themselves the "friendliness" of each country dependant on their own personal criteria, and to only consider this page as an introduction to the issues concerning each country.

I think that these rules are a bit strict --Se7en (talk) 01:19, 10 April 2016 (EDT)

Personally, I'd like to do anything that is relevant with these points:
  • Privacy
  • Censorship
  • Internet speed
  • etc.
So, I think I'll add those indicators later on after if I'm not that busy. I couldn't care less about politics and SJW shit because they are irrelevant with general indicators mentioned in the first section, and all of it will be removed on sight.  Morpheus talk 12:34, 10 April 2016 (EDT)

Having created the page and contributed some content, I feel somewhat responsible for this. Here's my $0.02:

  • Dating comments isn't really necessary, because the history function already exists.
    • Ideally what is written would be supported by news stories, which already have dates.
  • I think the first paragraph effectively gets the point across. It may not be strictly correct in a technical sense, but if we tried to make it so, that would take away from the main message.
  • Being overly strict about sources is unnecessary. We are small and homogeneous enough that users can simply trust the information just by the fact of it being provided here. Demanding everyone to dig up sources for every smallest thing will just discourage contributions as people will judge the relative small value of their tiny comment not enough to justify the extensive work required to collect sources justifying their point.
    • Any intelligent person would know not to take anything written here as fact without proof. At the same time, and the fact that it is written at all is useful information.
    • Links and such would evolve organically anyway. People will see one person support description of one country with sources, and try to outdo them out of pride.
  • "Politics and SJW shit" may seem irrelevant, but they affect everything else that IS relevant. For a nice example, consider the culture of the US tech industry today, especially Silicon Valley. What are the problems they have? What is the cause of these problems? And that is why they matter. Thelismor (talk) 22:40, 9 July 2016 (EDT)
The discussions will be moved down below. Thanks.  Morpheus talk 12:35, 1 January 2017 (EST)


I suppose I went overboard talking about SJWism. If it's not allowed, just message me and I can provide some more context about my country. --Aranon (talk) 17:40, 28 July 2016 (EDT)


Made an edit to Brazilian paragraph, since I found it lacking more information and too generic.

2017 Cleanup time

Because I've been busy these months, I've neglected some articles, so my apologies.

In these kinds of articles, it is very easy to lead someone into a certain ideology, especially in ones favor. Therefore I've added some other rules:

  1. If possible, include one or more sources, from any reliable references (study, news, leaks(Please include the source and the contents of the leak)). Because there are conflicting agendas even between medias, include both of them, so readers can be more informed by both sides of conflicting ideas.
  2. Remember IG:NEUTRAL. We don't care about your opinion, we don't care about your worries, just state what happened, not what (you think) will happen.
  3. You definitely can include the cause of a policy included by a country, but once again, remember IG:NEUTRAL and IG:FALSE.
  4. We'll remove anything that is not relevant to technology. (For example, gun laws (Seriously, what retard would consider gun laws to be related to technology at all?), immigration issues (unrelated to /g/, and must be kept at any /pol/-affliated safe space), or any socio-political issues which do not lead to censorship/surveillance.)

Please note that these can be very broad. If you are unsure/need explanation, ask.

 Morpheus talk 12:35, 1 January 2017 (EST)