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If buying second hand, avoid anything with Windows RT. These are older (~2013) 32-bit ARMv7 tablets that run a locked down version of Windows 8 with limited software support. However if you happen to have one lying around then some work has been done to try get Linux running on them, to varying degrees of success. https://openrt.gitbook.io/open-surfacert


Mostly Android devices that are essentially oversized smartphones, though at the higher end performance can rival that of x86.

  • Kindle Fire - cheap as shit, subsidised by ads everywhere. Use Bezos' app store. Can get rid of ads and install google play store.
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  • Xiaomi Redmi Pad
  • Xiaomi Pad Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • iPad Pro - a less powerful Macbook Air in tablet form factor running iOS. Why???


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  • Surface Pro (7-9): Microsoft's iPad Pro competitor, these have recent Intel Tiger/Ice Lake mobile CPUs offering excellent performance and decent battery life. Run full-fat Windows 10, unofficial Linux support here. The Surface Pro 9 also has an ARM model using a "Microsoft SQ3" Snapdragon 8cx3 SoC - performance is reportedly good, but IO and software support is lacking.

E-Book Readers

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